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The Singapore Association of Social Workers is a professional body of Social Workers residing and working in Singapore. Established in 1971, it is the national professional association that represents Social Workers in Singapore.

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Interested in advancing Social Work as a profession and fostering high standards of Social Work in the country? Come and join the association as a member and participate in our activities to help to promote Social Work and social welfare on a national and international level.

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   Latest News & Updates

8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health (ICSW 2016)

For the first time in history, the Singapore Association of Social Work (SASW) is pleased to partner the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore, in organizing and welcoming the International Network of Social Work in Health and Mental Health to Singapore for the 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health (ICSW 2016). The Conference will be held from 19 to 23 June 2016 at University Cultural Centre and U Town. It is expected to attract 1000 local and international participants. Invitation is now open to all social workers to submit posters and abstracts for presentation at the conference.

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Ethical Social Work

"Whether we are members of SASW or not, as social workers, we are bound professionally to practise ethically and consider the ethical dimensions in the work we do. As part of deepening the awareness of ethical issues, the MSF Office of the Director of Social Welfare has convened a workgroup of social workers from several social service agencies. The team sends out a series of monthly emails that describes ethical scenarios accompanied by commentaries. "
Ms Ang Bee Lian - Director of Social Welfare, MSF.

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Short Survey on the Code of Professional Ethics

The social work profession is undergirded by values and principles as outlined in the SASW's Code of Professional Ethics. While we strive to continually upgrade our knowledge and expand and deepen our skills for practice, the Code of Professional Ethics is the values base that we will constantly be referring to for guidance in our professional conduct and practice. To keep up to date, the Code had undergone two rounds of editing by veteran social workers, first in 1999 and second in 2004.

All members of SASW as well as social workers and practitioners who are accredited by the Social Work Accreditation and Advisory Board (SWAAB) are required to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics. As such, the SASW's training academy, the Family and Resource Training Centre (FRTC), had in 2014 started a course on "Understanding and Applying Social Work Ethics in Singapore". Many pertinent issues on ethics were discussed among participants.

As we consider the evolving societal changes, we wonder if there is a need to update this important document once again. Who's better to answer this question than you, the social work professional.

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Tuning in to the Leaders

A series of dialogue sessions, organized jointly by the Social Service Institute (SSI) and the MSF Office of the Director of Social Welfare, with senior leaders or veterans in the Social Work Profession. In these sessions, speakers share on what they have found distinctive from their Social Work training that enables them to lead in their respective areas of expertise and why their Social Work training makes a difference to their service delivery. They also share their encouragements, challenges and hopes for the social sector in Singapore.

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Letter to Social Work Students

The Director of Social Welfare, MSF, writes letters to Social Work students with the aim of educating them on current issues related to their course of study and the Social Work sector in Singapore. They cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of Social Work to practice issues in Social Work.

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