Image Profile of Trainers/Speakers

Certification in Supervision (Basic & Intermediate)

Benny Bong (Mr)

Nur Hilyah Saparin (Ms)

Udhia Kumar (Mr)

Amran Jamil (Mr)

Certificate in Casework and Case Management

Chua Wei Bin (Mr)

Mohamed Fareez (Mr)

Natalie Lim (Ms)

ASIST- Suicide First Aid

Agnes Chia (Ms)

Melissa Chew (Ms)

Molly Koh (Ms)

Alvin Chua (Mr)

Frederick Low (Mr)


Community Work Practice in Social Services

Jean Koh (Ms)


Griefwork with Individuals & Families

Mohamed Fareez (Mr)


Group Work Skills, Working with Families, Intro to Facilitating Recovery in People with Mental Illness &

Facilitating Multi-Agency Case Conferences & Meetings

Neil Carver Smith (Mr)

Identification and Assessment of Family Violence

Kristine Lam (Ms)

Self Care from The Inside Out

Anna Maria Low (Ms)


Understanding & Applying Social Work Ethics in Singapore

Yogeswari Munisamy (Ms)

Vincent Ng (Dr)

Alvin Chua (Mr)

Agnes Chia (Ms)

Shepherdson Olivia Genevieve (Ms)


Designing & Facilitating Group Work Activities for Youths

Mohamad Farid Jaaffar (Mr)


Aim for Change, Facilitate Effective Police Interventions & Ventures of Social Work

Alvin Chen (Mr)


Introduction to Report Writing for SSPs

Tan Chui Li (Ms)

Kristine Lam (Ms)


Policy Matters in Social Work

Nancy Ng (Ms)

Esther Tan Kia Hui (Ms)


Working with Sexual Minorities in Singapore

Bryan Choong (Mr)

Dharesheni Nedumaran (Ms)