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Learn about social work, find out how you can be a social worker and if you are already a social work trained practitioner, join us for support and professional development.

Social Work is a dynamic and multi-faceted profession that works towards enhancing human well-being and social conditions. It is a profession governed by the ethical values and principles and based on theoretical body of knowledge and systematic approach of assessment, intervention and action plans.

A Social Worker works at different levels and with differing target clients.  The work could be developmental, preventive and also remedial.  Clients range from individuals, families, groups and larger communities of society.

A Social Work career begins with a Bachelor degree in Social Work. Post Graduate, Masters and Doctorate degrees provide a pathway for further professional development.

Social Workers in Singapore are found in a variety of work settings. Predominantly, they will be involved in case management, working with individuals and families in Family Service Centres, Community Development Centres, Prisons and other Corrective and Rehabilitation agencies, Hospitals, Hospices and other health agencies. They are also involved in Policy making, Teaching, Management Training, Social Research and Human Resources Management. Others work or specialise as counsellors or psychotherapists.

The Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW) is a national body of professionals established since 1971, to represent Social Workers in Singapore.