Medical Social Work Chapter


To maintain and improve professionalism in medical social work

To develop guidelines for professional practice

To promote continuing education and training in medical social work

To strive towards improvement in service condition and delivery

Who are eligible?

Full member of SASW

Currently working in a health related establishment or had 3 years of practice in a health related establishment in the past.

Composition of Management Committee

Office bearers will be nominated by the membership and submit to the Executive Committee of SASW for appointment. The Chairperson will be co-opted into the Executive Committee of SASW.

Members of the Management Committee comprises of:

Committee Member

Terms of Office

All office bearers shall not serve more than 3 consecutive terms in the same office.
Any vacancy arising before the expiry of the term of office of the Management Committee shall be filled by re-nomination by the Management Committee with the approval of the SASW Executive Committee.

Responsibilities and Powers

To provide direction, planning and the implementation of programmes to fulfill the objectives of the Committee

To manage an account for the finances of the Committee

To institute means to secure funding of its activities

To carry out any other necessary functions and tasks of the Committee

To co-opt additional committee members with the approval of the SASW Executive Committee

To form sub-committees deemed necessary for the Committee to achieve its mission


The dissolution of the Chapter will only take effect with the final concurrence of the SASW Executive Committee.

In the event of dissolution of the Committee, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Committee shall be fully discharged and the remaining funds, if any, shall be given to charitable organisations which are registered under the Charities Act (Cap 37) and which are institutions of public character under Section 37(2)(c) of the Income Tax Act. All remaining funds shall revert to the SASW.