School Social Work Chapter


To improve professionalism in School Social Work (SSW).

To develop guidelines for professional practice standards in SSW.

To promote continuing education and training in SSW.

To advocate for the improvement in service conditions in the delivery of SSW.

To educate stakeholders of the school system on the importance and relevance of SSW.


Professional Development



Resource Development

Advocacy & Networking

Dialogue with stakeholders

Inter-professional networking among school personnel, school counsellors and school Social Workers

Who are eligible?

Ordinary members of SASW

Associate members of SASW

Entry Requirements:

Has met the requirements of SASW membership. Accredited social workers (RSW) preferred.
Has been or currently involved in school social work practice. Applicants with no prior experience should be deployed within the next 3 months to work directly or indirectly in the school setting.

What are the benefits?

Recognition by service users that you are professionally supported and regulated by a specialised body.

Receive continued professional development through specialised courses and networking opportunities.

Enjoy a platform for coming together to discuss and be informed on issues affecting your practice.

Enjoy the privilege to dialogue and network with strategic partners who have influence on your professional practice.

Be part of a collective voice in advocacy.

Information on Membership

Chapter membership shall be aligned with membership with the Singapore Association of Social Workers.

Criteria for renewal of Chapter membership shall come into effect on the 2nd renewal of one’s Chapter membership.

How to apply for membership or contact for further clarification and queries?

You can send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and attention it to "School Social Work Chapter Chair". Please include the following in the your email:

  1. Name
  2. Contact No. & Email address
  3. Organisation/Designation
  4. Brief outline of your involvement in school social work practice.

SSW Chapter Chair will contact you through email or call to follow up with your application or queries.