SASW Mission Statement

Our Mission

- To advance a high and professional standard of Social Work in Singapore.
- To promote Social Work and social welfare on a national or an international level.
- To promote the welfare of Social Workers.

Association Purpose

The purpose of our association is to foster a professional community of Social Workers who share and upkeep the best social work practices in their respective fields. We aspire to recruit, nurture, and develop every Social Worker and advocate for them.

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is to further promote the interests of our association and our members to the community by building a strong infrastructure. We strive to make a difference by providing advanced professional training of Social Workers as well as educating the public about the profession.

Our aims

- Build the Association's financial resources to further our cause.
- Nurture leadership and ensuring continuity in the Association's leadership and work.
- Sustain an active and committed membership base.
- Strengthen the standard of professionalism.
- Address Social Work manpower issues.
- Develop and maintain a strong research and information sharing culture.
- Develop and maintain a strong and distinct image of Social Workers.

Our immediate tasks are to:

- Build an infrastructure where information, communication and networking can bring about closer bonds amongst members and foster closer ties with our community.
- Encourage members to spearhead special interest groups that meet through the internet or in-person or both.
- Plan social activities to bring members together; this can be done in conjunction with our regular talks/workshops.
- Promote professional standards, professional development and practice, and self-regulation.