About SASW

The Singapore Association of Social Workers is a professional body of Social Workers residing and working in Singapore. Established in 1971, it is the national professional association that represents Social Workers in Singapore.

The objectives of SASW are:

- Advance Social Work as a profession and foster a high standard of Social Work in the country
- Participate in activities which promote Social Work and social welfare on national and international level
- Participate in and provide community and social services to the public
- Promote the well-being of Social Workers

What does SASW Do?

The SASW is managed by an Executive Committee made up of fellow practitioners who volunteer their time outside of their full time jobs.

A team of full time staff is employed to provide secretarial and executive assistance to the Executive Committee. The team assists in the implementation of a range of activities and services geared towards improving professionalism of Social Work.

These include:


Maintaining the Register of Accredited Social Workers. The accreditation system was put in place to ensure professional standards of Social Work practice. This ensures that qualified practitioners keep their skills and knowledge current through Continuing Professional Education.


Operate FRTC-SASW Training Academy which offers a range of training and professional development programs to aid Social Workers attain their Continuing Professional Education requirements.


Identify and develop core competencies in established fields of Social Work practice to help employers plan for staff training and promote high professional standards.


Promote Social Work and initiate contact with Social Work students to provide support, nurturance and networking alliances as they prepare to enter the Social Work industry.


Engage in national dialogue on the development of the Social Work profession as a whole and the status of the Social Workers

- SASW Disciplinary Inquiry Process
- SASW Appeals Process
- IFSW & IASSW "Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles" Document