Social Work in Singapore

Minimum Entry Requirement into Social Work Employment

A BA with a major in Social Work is minimum pre-requisite to employment as a Social Worker.

What do Social Workers Do?

Social Work encompasses working with families, individuals, organisations and the community on areas such as:

Youth Work

Relationship Problems
Clinical / Mental Health

Domestic Violence & Abuse
Disability Services

Substance Addiction & Abuse
Care of Older Persons

Family Life Education & Parenting
Social Work Administration & Policy

Interpersonal Communication & Social Skills Training
Social Work Education & Research

Mediation & Negotiation
Consultancy Services

Child Welfare
Community Work

People with Special Needs

Social Workers therefore must be versatile, knowledgeable and skillful in interpersonal communication skills when working with others and competent in networking skills so as to be able to enhance the lives and well-being of the people and the community they live in.

They are found in direct practice, in administrative, management and policy planning positions in many organisations as well as in government ministries.

What are the Earning Potentials of a Social Worker?

Post-graduate educational opportunities such as Masters, PhD, Post-graduate Diplomas and Specialist training are available locally and overseas.

They can choose to specialise in different areas of work such as:

Child Protection Services
Working with People with Disabilities

Counselling & Therapy
Community Work

Family Social Work
Rehabilitation of Offenders

School Social Work
Management of Social Services

Youth Work
Policy & Planning Services

Gerontological Social Work
Social Research & Programme Evaluation Service

Medical Social Work

What are the Earning Potentials of a Social Worker?

Newly graduated Social Workers can expect a starting salary of between S$3,040 and S$3,810. Refer to NCSS website for more information:


From 1 April 2015, MSF will increase funding norms for its funded programmes run by VWOs. The bulk of the increases will go towards raising the salaries of social service professionals, to ensure they are paid competitively. The salary adjustments will vary depending on the profession and market comparisons. With the changes, MSF’s funding for VWO-run services is expected to increase by more than 10% to $165 million in 2015 [Source:]

We encourage social workers to speak to their management or Human Resource personnel if they wish to seek clarifications regarding the implementation of the pay increase in their individual agencies.

SASW members may also seek clarifications or provide feedback on the pay issue by contacting us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .