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Oral History of Pioneer Social Workers of Singapore

The Oral History Centre, National Archives of Singapore has over the years conducted a series of interviews with many prominent leaders in Singapore. Among them are our pioneer social workers of whom we are all very proud. They include the former President  Mr SR Nathan, Ms Daisy Vaithilingam, Mrs Jean Marshall, Mrs Ann Wee, Mrs Chen Swee Soo, Mrs Joyce Fung, Dr Myrna Blake, Mrs Leaena Tambyah, Ms Cecilia Nayar, Ms Malini Menon, Ms Nirmala Gopiendran, Mrs Wong-Ng Cher Meng and many more. You may listen to their interviews by clicking on the link below and keying in his/her name in the Search box. Enjoy!


Office of the Director of Social Welfare, Ministry of Social and Family Development

Social Insights: Letters by DSW

This is a series of letters written by the Director of Social Welfare, Ms Ang Bee Lian. She writes these letters to Social  Workers and Service Practitioners with the aim of educating them on current issues related to their work Singapore. They cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of Social Work to practice issues in Social Work.

Please click here to read the letters.

Ethical Social Work

"Whether we are members of SASW or not, as social workers, we are bound professionally to practise ethically and consider the ethical dimensions in the work we do. As part of deepening the awareness of ethical issues, the MSF Office of the Director of Social Welfare has convened a workgroup of social workers from several social service agencies. The team sends out a series of monthly emails that describes ethical scenarios accompanied by commentaries. " Ms Ang Bee Lian - Director of Social Welfare, MSF.

Please click here to read the scenarios and commentaries and participate in a quiz on 'Ethical Issues for Social Workers'.