Library Usage


FRTC- SASW Training Academy was initiated by the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW) and was registered in August 1994 as a charity and currently enjoys Institute of Public Character (IPC) status.

In line with the FRTC mission to enhance family work and family life in Singapore, a Resource Library was set up.

The Resource Library aims to provide a rich source of reading and reference materials for social workers and other social service practitioners to enhance their knowledge and increase their resources materials as they work with families.


The Resource Library comprises collections of:

  • Publications such as Journals and Manuals
  • Audio-visual materials such as VHS tapes and DVDs
  • Training Kits for planning programmes
  • Books available include subject matter such as:
    • family structure, relationships and dynamics
    • family therapy and counseling
    • sociology of the family
    • social services for the family
    • clinical supervision
    • information and referral system
    • family life education
    • parenting and child care
    • early childhood education
    • community needs assessment and evaluation
    • research and analysis


SASW Ordinary, Associate and Student members enjoy free access to the Resource Library as a membership privilege.

Short Term Membership is open to FRTC Course participants at $20 for 6 months period. Membership eligibility commences at start of course. A $10 Registration fee applies.


Loan of books and journals Max of 4 3 weeks
Loan of facilitation tools Max of 2 2 weeks
Loan of AV materials
Max of 2 2 weeks

The Resource Library reserves the right to reject any application without explanation.


Members will have 1 (one) notification of their overdue items with fines incurred through the telephone or email upon the expiry of their loans.

In the event that the date due for return falls on a public holiday, members must return the items on the next working day. In this case, no fine will be levied on the items borrowed.


Items may be renewed if they have not been reserved by another member.

Renewal may be made through the telephone or email. Renewal of item borrowed can only be made once and for an extension of one (1) week.

No renewal is allowed for audio-visual item and workshop facilitation tools.

Overdue item must be renewed in person and only after all outstanding fines have been paid.


All materials are subject to recall when due if they are reserved by another member. Books out on loan may be reserved either in person, through the telephone or email. A maximum of three (3) items may be reserved.

When the item reserved is available, the member will be notified by telephone or email. The item must be collected personally within three (3) days otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and the item released for loan.


A fine of S$0.50 will be levied per day for each overdue item.

After two (2) weeks, the fine will be increased to S$1 per day.

Weekends and public holidays within the overdue period are included in the calculation of fines.)

A receipt will be issued for fines collected. Members who fail to pay their fines within thirty (30) days of their last due date will have their library privileges withdrawn until all outstanding fees have been paid.


To avoid any misunderstanding due to loss of items, the user is required to keep his/her handbags and carriers in a locker in the office before entering the library. User may carry small items such as wallets, purses and handphones into the library. The locker key will be kept by the user and returned to the locker after use. SASW and FRTC and their staff will not be responsible for any loss of items in the locker.

Items which have been lost or damaged must be paid for by borrowers in the following manner:

  1. Pay the book price of the lost item plus a surcharge of S$50 for administrative fee
  2. In the event that borrower may prefer to replace the lost item, a surcharge of S$20 will be imposed for the inconvenience caused.
  3. Pay an amount pre-determined by the Library if the lost item is a donated item and is out of print
  4. Pay for the cost of all repairs to damaged items plus a surcharge of S$20 for the inconvenience caused.

Damaged items that cannot, in the opinion of the Library, be repaired will be treated as a lost item. Members are responsible for taking proper care of the audio visual items and tools for facilitation, and any multiple parts accompanying the items, borrowing and returning them together as a set as indicated on the item. In the event of loss or damage to items or any of its parts, conditions associated with lost items will be in force for such damaged items.

If items are reported lost after the due date, members will also be required to pay overdue fines up to the date of the report.

Once paid, the cost of replacement for item lost (inclusive of surcharges) is not refundable, even if the lost item is later found by the borrower.

SASW reserves the right to consider materials not returned within sixty (60) days after the due date as lost (see above for charges to be levied).

A price list of all items will be maintained in the Library and can be consulted upon request.


The Resource Library aims to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for reading and researching. To make the library a quiet and pleasant environment, we seek the cooperation of our members to observe the following etiquette within the Resource Library premises:

  • Switch off/put to silent mode your hand phone
  • Speak softly at all times within the premises.
  • Handle all resource materials and books with care.
  • Take a few books or materials from the shelves at a time and return them to the shelves after you have finished with them.
  • Belongings, except valuables and writing materials, are to be placed at the designated area.
  • Food and drinks cannot be brought in to the Resource Library premises.


Members must keep the Library informed of any changes in address, work place, email and contact numbers.

In order to avoid misrepresentations, loans on behalf of other members will not be entertained.

SASW staff reserve the right to ask any member who is considered to be creating a disturbance to leave the Library. Members who fail to observe the Library etiquette and guidelines may have their membership suspended.

The Library may from time to time amend or revoke any of the above guidelines. Members will be kept informed of such amendments.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors,
and the most patient of teachers.
- Charles W. Eliot, The Happy Life 1896
US Educator (1834 - 1926)