PULSE: Social Innovations Within and Across

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PULSE is a platform created by SASW as an aggregator for great ideas, people and food. PULSE seeks to be a safe space for ideas to be shared, allowing networking of like minded individuals within and outside the Social Work profession. It seeks to spark ideas and actions for collaboration through human connections and networks.

The inaugural PULSE session was held on 17 February 2017 at FIKA Swedish Cafe and Bistro, taking on the theme of “Social Innovations, within and across”. We had invited two speakers, Ms Mizah Rahman and Ms Francesca Wah.

Mizah is the director and co-founder of Participate in Design (PID), who looks into participatory and community-centric approaches in the design and planning of Singapore’s neighbourhoods. Francesca is the director and founder of Bringing Love to Every Single Soul (BLESS), a non-profit organisation that seeks to enrich and empower the lives of young children in vulnerable communities. Both are bold innovators in their respective areas of expertise.

Participants, who included both social workers and non social workers, engaged in group discussions about their perspectives on innovative ways to support communities in Singapore. They were further challenged to explore and kick start actual collaborations beyond the discussions that were conducted.

Video recordings of the talks will be made available on the page too. As you watch the presentations, we hope that you too might want to reflect on the following questions:

1. What does social innovation mean to you? 
2. What have you consciously or unconsciously been doing that you might consider as innovation in your spheres of personal and professional selves? 
3. How can you bring your ideas of innovation to life? 
4. What resources and connections do you need to seek out in order to start this process of change?

Feel free to share your thoughts either publicly on our Facebook page, or to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are keen to hear from you! Stay tuned for 2 more exciting editions of PULSE that will stay true to the spirit of innovation this year. We look forward to bringing together a diverse group of passionate individuals that are excited about creating a social impact. Spread the word and we will meet again in JULY 2017.