The SOCIAL WORKER TOOLBOX was created in the spirit of knowledge sharing in the social work profession. Far too often we have been limited through copyright laws with regards to using forms, templates and scales that are useful to clinical practice. The TOOLBOX is a platform for social workers to share such tools in the community for free.

The client genogram form is a tool the social worker can use to map out the family systems as well as the relationships within family members. Through charting of the family system intergenerationally in the genogram, complex data can be organised and studied. Patterns and themes in the family system (that may aid in the intervention formulation) may then become visible (Hartman and Laird, 1990).

Having a genogram plotted of the family aids the social worker in assessment formulation; as well as assist in the sharing of information through case conferences and discussions. The genogram can also be shared (with client's permission) across different professions to facilitate dialogical conversations to support the needs of vulnerable clients in the community.

Instructions in using the form

Following instructions on the right column, plot out the family tree in a map of three or more generations of a family that you are working with. This map can chart major family events, occupations, losses, as well as relationships between different family members

The genogram is best complemented with an ecomap which also charts the relationship of the family with the external systems, as well as the relationships between the systems.


Download Client Genogram Form_Social Dimension